What our customers say…


“I was sceptical about reflexology when I first went to Zoe to give it a try. However, after my first treatment, I felt so much better that I now have monthly treatments that I always look forward to.
If I could have weekly sessions I would!
A few months ago I extended my session to include a massage and this has also improved my well-being. It helps that Zoe is so good and dedicated to providing an excellent service. She tailors each session to match my needs at the time and I have complete trust in her as a therapist. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a reflexology and massage therapist.”

- C.Russell

“I’ve come to rely on my fortnightly massage and reflexology from Zoe which has brought back some calm & balance to my hectic lifestyle.
When I started going I was feeling a slightly broken woman with stomach issues and back pain – what started as visit of necessity quickly became one of enjoyment. Everything from the pressure, the focus areas and the choice of oils for that particular day is always spot on. Highly recommend to everyone!”

- F.Pinches

“Zoe’s reflexology treatment was amazing. Having recently given birth she made me feel really relaxed and like my old self. I would highly recommend and cannot wait to book in another treatment”

- A.Johnson

“I have recently had a baby and Zoe has been a brilliant great source of help, both during and after my pregnancy. So much so, I am finding it too hard to give her up! She is highly professional, flexible and her Massage, Reiki and Reflexology skills are second to none. She is also lovely to talk to too. My weekly Zoe time is totally precious and I would recommend her in an instant to anyone in need of some special R and R!”

- Alison S

“Just had another WONDERFUL reflexology treatment with Zoe. Thank you! I have been seeing Zoe for years now and recommend her to everyone. Her pregnancy treatments are very restorative and beneficial.”

- Antonia S

“Zoe has been a life saviour for me before, during, in between and after pregnancies. I highly rate her reflexology and other treatments including massage.”

- Cecilie R

“Zoe has been amazingly helpful over the last few years, in particular for hormonal imbalances and helping with skin problems. I have regular reflexology sessions, which I have found to be extremely beneficial. She not only provides a highly professional service but is also very welcoming and kind, making it very easy to talk to her. Her deep tissue massages have also been incredibly helpful to ease lower back and shoulder tension. I always feel so relaxed and de-stressed after seeing her, whatever treatment I have.”

- Amy H